Civil society in the Danube strategy

1st General Assembly of the DCSF, 2011
Participation of civil society in the Danube strategy: A new independent network borne approach

Civil society in the Danube region and the countries and regions (EU member and non members alike) concerned are invited to take part in the process of shaping and realizing the new strategy.

The integrative, interdisciplinary and cross-sectional character of the issues covered by the strategy opens a broad based opportunity for civil society to get involved.

This website and the Danube Civil Society Forum functions as a nucleus of a joined civil society approach to a new macro regional approach of the EU and not less than 14 countries in the Danube basin to redirect their interregional cooperation and to coordinate key policies in the area of environment, infrastructure, energy, education, and culture in the 21st century.

A new independent network borne approach along side and in addition to the supra national and national strategies to develop the Danube Region is able to unfold enormous support, energy and vitality within the process of the Danube Strategy. A dedicated, informed participation of civil society with ownership of a jointly (governmental-non-governmental) developed and executed strategy will strongly underpin the desired change, foster democracy, rule of law and good governance in the region of the Danube basin.

The Danube Civil Society Forum brings together and empowers a sizable group of change agents, broad based in their agenda and unlimited in their creativity.

Call for Participation in the DCSF

The Danube Civil Society Forum is open to new members. Interested NGOs and experts are invited to participate and/or cooperate in one of DCSF WGs or programs.


The DCSF is determined to be open, inclusive and transparent. Membership in the DCSF is open to all NGOs who adhere to the Eisenstadt principles of civil society in the Danube Region, who work in the Danube region, have a track record of competence and experience and who are able to contribute to the thematic aspects of the Danube Strategy (DS). Membership and any position with the DCSF are open to NGO representatives from all countries participating in the DCSF (EU-members, candidate states and non member states).

A special associate membership (Partnership) can be granted to NGOs and organisations who seek to cooperate with the DCSF or special working groups of the DCSF but are not able/willing to become fully fledged members.

All interested NGOs and civil society actors in the Danube basin are invited to join our network.

To join our network please fill out the form below and send it back to

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