Vice President of the Danube Civil Society Forum

Daniela Stojkovic Jovanovic

Daniela Stojkovic Jovanovic

Daniela Stojkovic Jovanovic

Born in Novi Sad, 19th November 1969.


1986 - 1987 Gymnasium “Sremski Karlovci”, Vojvodina             

1987 – 1992  Faculty of Philosopy, Serbo Croatian language and Yugoslavian literature, Novi Sad, AP Vojvodina, Republika Srbija

Work experiences

1991 - 1992  Literary Community of Vojvodina, Novi Sad
Chief of bookstore

1993 - 1996 Agency ARTO, Beograd
Chief manager: Theater production, publishing, representation

1997 - 2002 PS ZOOROPA Novi Sad
Partnership Bureau of Tourism and Marketing
Director of marketing, publisher and editor of “Sveti Dunav”

1999-  The City of Novi Sad 
Information Crisis Staff- chief)

2002-  NGO World and Danube, Novi Sad, Sremska Kamenica
President (editor in chief) 


1997 - 2011  Organization of conferences, roundtables, public events through international cooperation; with one goal: Protection of the Danube; Novi Sad, Serbia

1997 - 2005 Drama educator; NATD Great Britain

2002- Modelator and organizer of the seminars and trainig session: Public participation and public opinion in the promotion of environmental protection, international affairs, health and nautical tourism, universities network etc

2007- Participation in WELCOME Europe, training session ( How to get European funds?), Belgia

2009- Conference:  Geopoetic of Danube basin; Danube as a meeting point; in partnership with CEI for cooperation activities, Italy

Daniela Stojkovic Jovanovic
NVO Svet i Dunav
NGO World and Danube
21208 Sremska Kamenica
I.G.Kovacica 13
++381 21464159