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Carmen Stadelhofer

Carmen Stadelhofer (*1947) is Pedagogist, Romanist and Germanist. Work in different educational areas with various target groups in Germany, France and Italy. Since 1984 at Ulm University. In 1994 she became the Director of the Centre for General Scientific Continuing Education at Ulm University (ZAWiW) where her main task is the coordination of research projects on regional, national and international level concerning adult education and civil society. Since 2005 she holds the position of Academic Director.

Research focus: Innovative methods in general scientific continuing education of people in the third age; facilitation and application of the new media in adult education; fostering of self-organised learning of older adults with the aid of the new media, intergenerational and intercultural education. Since 1995 she was/is responsible for a many national and European model projects in the sense of action research. She is co-initiator of several associations and networks in the field of adult education. Sustainability of the work done is one of her principles.

Carmen Stadelhofer chairs the national seniors’ network ViLE e.V. and the institute ILEU e.V. at Ulm University – both associations for learning of older people, virtual as well as face-to-face. She is a member of the managing board of the National Universities’ Network of Seniors Studies BAG WiWA Germany and vice-president of the worldwide Association of the Universities of the Third Age A.I.U.T.A. In this relation she is in close cooperation with the National Organisation of Seniors’ Organisations BAGSO . For her pioneer work in the field of women’s’ education”, specially the project „Women’s Academy“ and for the development of innovative methods in the area of seniors‘ education, she received in July 2009 the Cross of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Carmen Stadelhofer created in 1995 the non-formal internet-based European Network Learning in Later Life (LiLL). ZAWiW cooperates with institutions in the whole of Europe, also in South-East since a long time, since 2008 via the Danube-Networkers Network. She participates actively in the actions and all conferences in the process of the development of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region. She initiated a Statement in the frame of the public consultation of the European Commission concerning the Danube Strategy supported by 60 institutions. She is engaged since the beginning in the development of the DCSF.

She speaks fluently German, English, French and Italian.

Projects (selection)

International projects: European research projects funded by the European Commission: European Network Learning in Later Life (LiLL), eLearning in later Life (eLiLL), Selforganised Learning Groups in Europe (SoLiLL); SeniorLearning; ICT4T; learning partnerships EUCoNet, ODE; TownStories., partnerships in projects Salomon, Way to United Europe, GERON (international study exchange), SEVEN, Possible Europe, Students’ exchanges in SVP ( Senior Volunteer Service) and others.

Projects with focus on education and fostering civil society in the Danube Region: 2008 Seminar in Ulm, 2008-2010 Grundtvig-Learning partnership Danube-Networkers, since 2010 projects Danube Networkers at Work (DANET)11 and Danube Seniors’ Universities (DASUN).

Research projects: Old help Young - seniors help pupils in the transition to professional life, sponsored by the Labour exchange, ESF-funds; Projects to promote the use of the new technologies by seniors: Senior-Info-Mobil sponsored by BMWi, Seniors to the Web, Internet sinvoll nutzen! (received the German Multimedia Prize in 1997); “Internet goes Ländle”

Model projects: Lernnetzwerk KOJALA (Competence and learning exchange for young and old over the Internet and in real world, sponsored by Ulmer citizens foundation, ZAWiW fundraising group, Youth Foundation Baden- Wurttemberg and others), Kompetenznetzwerk der Generationen (Competence network of the generations, sponsored by Robert-Bosch-foundation) “Learning Together” (“Gemeinsamlernen”) - Virtual Self-learning Groups in Germany sponsored by BMBF and ESF, LernCafe - online journal for seniors and Senior-Online- Redaktion (SOR) sponsored by the BMBF.

Publications (selection)

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Stadelhofer, Carmen: “Netzwerke” – Neue Formen der Zusammenarbeit und der Vernetzung in der wissenschaftlichen Weiterbildung älterer Erwachsener mit Hilfe der neuen Medien. In: Schorb, Bernd/Hartung, Anja/Reißmann, Wolfgang (Hrsg.): Medien und höheres Lebensalter. Theorie – Forschung – Praxis. Wiesbaden 2009, p. 354-369.

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Stadelhofer, Carmen (Hrsg.): Forschendes Lernen als Beitrag zu einer neuen Lernkultur im Seniorenstudium. Neu-Ulm 2006 (editor)

Carmen Stadelhofer
ZAWiW, Universität Ulm
Albert-Einstein-Allee 11, 89081 Ulm
E-Mail: carmen.stadelhofer[at]