3rd General Assembly of the DCSF

The 3rd General Assembly of the DCSF was held in 27th of October in Ulm, Germany. 30 members of the Danube Civil Society Forum and 1 observer took part at the official meeting which gathers every second year due to the laws of the Forum. The event was opened by Ivo Gönner Lordmayor of Ulm.

For the detailed course of the event please see the Resolution Minutes below. 

Eisenstadt, 30 July 2015

Dear Members and friends of the Danube Civil Society Forum,

In early April this year we announced the upcoming series of major events for the DCSF and the entire EUSDR in Ulm, Germany in October.

This is second call to our members, observers and partners applying for membership in the DCSF to register for the 3rd General Assembly of the DCSF in Ulm, 27 October 2015. The 3rd General Assembly will be hosted by the City of Ulm in the City Hall.

The 3rd General Assembly will hear the reports by the president and the treasurer, as well as from the Executive Committee, debate the work plan for the upcoming two years (2016/17), decide on pending membership applications and amend the statutes upon suggestion by the Executive Committee, and last but not least elect a the Executive Committee members, Treasurer and Vice Treasurer President and Vice President for a two year term.

Your earliest registration is needed, in order to organize the 3rd General Assembly properly and cost efficient.

We call on all members to run for the positions and posts (unpaid however) to be elected in Ulm. For your candidacy we ask to provide a statement of your candidacy indicating the position seeked, a brief CV, contacts and a picture (not more than one page, see attached template) for a Deadline for candidacies is 12th September 2015 midnight. (Vienna).

Please not that only the members who paid the membership fee for 2014/15 of EUR 50.- will have eligibility and the right to vote. Please pay your membership fee in due time before the 3rd General Assembly. Deadline is 19th October. If however the bank transfer of your membership fee is connected with unreasonable transfer costs or bureaucratic procedure you will have the opportunity to pay your fees on 26th October evening and 27th October from 08:00 - 08:30 the Assembly’s venue in cash only. Paying in Ulm needs to be agreed by the office of the DCSF upon your notice. Deadline to inform the office is again 19th October.

We thank the city of Ulm and Mayor Ivo Gönner for the support grated to the DCSF.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on office@foster-europe.org.

Your’s sincerely,

Stefan August Lütgenau

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