Briefing Note_Open Data

Simon Vrečar

Open data, transparency and open government are concepts that very much appear in particular when we are considering the role of civil Society being a watch dog societal changes that are consequence of implementation of various governmental decisions. During last decade, several initiatives have been started working towards open data and open and transparent government, which should support sharing data, one of the basic concepts of information society.

Moreover, by enabling Government 2.0, which with the support of technologies creates an open platform where government, citizens and business collaborate and improve transparency, one would say that that it is about “putting government in the hands of citizens”.

On the other side civil society could be through the crowd sourcing one of the open data providers or even ‘partners’ who could add value to the governmental open data.

EU adopted framework for sharing, using and re-using of public sector information, which was implemented in member states into national legislative. Since Danube region is a collection of countries and regions from and out of EU the perception of open data concept and its awareness among civil society may vary within the region.

The aim of the workshop would be to present basic concept like open data, sharing data, open government their (dis)advantages and to discuss what benefits they could bring for civil society. Participants will be invited to share their experience from the countries they are coming and discuss them with others.

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