Latvia 2030: strategic dilemmas, content and parliamentary acceptance as consequences of citizens’ participation

The great debate: Citizens’ participation in the development of strategy Latvia 2030

The presentation tells a story and point to some lessons of the creation of the Long term strategy Latvia 2030 from a citizens’ participation vantage point during 2007-2010. This was the very first time the long term (20 years) planning document had been created in Latvia. It took place amidst the difficult period of political instability and financial crisis of 2008-2009. The approach of citizens’ consultation and involvement (regional public forums to discuss strategic dilemmas of development, the round tables with NGOs and various stakeholder groups, scenario development and internet voting etc.) have been adopted later for other planning initiatives. The direct individual participation rate approached 10 thousand people. The level society’s involvement was later recognised by the shortlisting of the process of strategy development to be among the finalists of 2010 Reinhard Mohn Prize. Very much due to the high society’s involvement, the strategy was adopted by the Parliament in 2010 as the highest order planning document for Latvia.

Roberts Kilis, Associate professor, Stockholm School of Economics in Riga