Opening address

Address Gisela Erler, State Counsellor for Civil Society and Civic Participation of the State
Government Baden-Württemberg

Public participation, civil Society and local actors are central elements for a vivid democracy. Between administration, politics, the economy and the people civil society actors are engaged on the ground in all public fields. But they not only provide assistance to the people but also intermediate and represent them in the political discourse. In her speech state councilor Gisela Erler will address the importance of civil society action and participation for the future and the wealth of a society and for a modern democracy. She will focus on the legal and political framework that is necessary for civil society action and public participation and will give insights from Baden-Wuerttemberg how politics, administration, citizens, local actors and civil society can work successfully together.

Address Stefan August Lütgenau, President of Danube Civil Society Forum

Civil Society in the Danube Region is as manifold and variegated as the region itself. Within the Danube Strategy civil society is an active partner and key deliverer of services and information in almost every thematic field and geographic area. Stefan Lütgenau will address the importance of involving Civil Society in participative structure and processes on all level of EUSDR governance and implementation in order to build a better, democratic Danube Region for the people.