Workshop: Financing

Daniela Stojković

 The workshop will present long established as well as new means for CSO financing in the Danube region on EU and national (selected) level. The WS will discuss CSO and members experience with these financing instruments. A comparison of needs in the CSO realm and the offers by financing instruments will be made to map donor- recipient and supply- demand relations in CSO financing.

Participants are invited to present, compare and discuss their experience (positive/negative) the ability to absorb information funding schemes and programs as well as to absorb funding.

Participants are invited to present national/regional funding instruments and to sketch a tailor made funding scheme closer to CSO needs and capacities.

Framework for discussion will be:

  • Interaction with the state-actors/agencies,
  • Interaction with the EU programs,
  • Interaction with the private sector.

The aims of the workshop are to clearly identify the differences and similarities in

  • funding mechanism,
  • social contracting,
  • alternative financing,
  • as well as the possibility of obtaining guarantees.

 As answers:

  • The state of situation bearing in mind the complicated demands of transnational program for CSO s.

Issues in a variety of activities of civil society organizations within the participation countries of the EUSDR become reinforced by the differences in legal -fiscal framework, historic -cultural conditions and country specific elements.

This workshop is about to present to the fore common issues and the possibility of joint appearance of the civil society to the EUSDR.

The WS relies on active participate engagement of participants.


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