Workshop: Media - Let us make the information flow in the Danube Region!

Moderator: Sabine Geller, danube connects
Expert: Andrija Aleksic, Vojvodina European Office, Novi Sad

 Why: civil society in the Danube Region needs an independent media platform.

What: Let’s create an independent media platform for information and open dialogue to strengthen the civil society in the Danube countries. Free flow and exchange of information and experience will boost projects and motivate more people to engage themselves in the Danube Region Strategy as part of the civil society. 

Tools/Method: Let us work in a cross-media way (print, TV, radio, video, social media) and work on a multilingual and transnational level. Evaluation and integration of the experiences made by Magazine danube connects and “Balkanblogger”, working with Print, Facebook, Twitter and Blog.

Target group: NGOs, civil society, citizens and stakeholders in all member countries of the EUSDR.


Questions about Social Media:

It is about the content, not the channel: Get in contact and cross national, cultural and social borders by social media!
How to use social media in civil society: Facebook und Twitter as parts of a cross media concept by magazine danube connects. Different content, target groups and goal of the social media channels have to be defined as basic for a journalistic concept and the daily output. (Thomas Zehender, journalist and social media manager, magazine danube connects, Ulm)

Questions about blog

Meet the Culture of the Balkan and the World! Inside report about the journalistic project „Balkanblogger“ as a case study for independent journalism. What are the benefits and challenges for Bloggers and how could they monetize their work? (Mirella Sidro, journalist, „Balkanblogger“, Doboj (BiH)/Augsburg, Germany).

Question about privatization of minority language media in Serbia:

The remaining state-owned media in Serbia should be privatized by end of October, 2015 by law. Ethnic minorities have been coherently against privatization because they are afraid of disappearance of information in minority languages, which could result in the decline of minority rights.

What are the chances and dangers of privatization: liberation or disappearance?
How can media for language minorities be strengthened in the future?
What could be the role of Danube Media network for language minorities?


Challenge and benefits – let us implement an independent information strategy for civil society in the EUSDR. Open dialogue with citizens, journalists and actors of civil society.
Synergy effects between the stakeholders and actors in the EUSDR.


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