Workshop: Social Entrepreneurship

Srdjan Stankovic


Social Entrepreneurship, simply put, is an attempt to bridge the needs of the business on one side, and the true needs of the society at another.

Social Entrepreneurship as a concept is not a new idea.  Philanthropy, social and environmental activism, have been practiced for centuries:  but it is only in the last 50 years that Social entrepreneurship is used as term and a concept more suitable for the current social and economic structure. In order to understand social entrepreneurship, we need to understand both sides of the concept: social and entrepreneurial.  Conventional entrepreneurs measure performance in profit, but social entrepreneurs take into account a positive return to society.

Therefore, Social Entrepreneurship is an attempt to link the two concepts: implement a positive business project while creating positive effect on society or, environment.

In the workshop we would like to discuss how to link and understand the needs of the business and the needs of the society in order to produce successful social entrepreneurial projects.

As one of the examples we will take a look at Supernatural goods, a project of production and sales of natural products in a supermarket chain, and investment of the profit of the sales in environmental projects.

We will also talk about the factors that influence the success of social entrepreneurship, and the challenges we are facing to make the social entrepreneurship understood, and widely accepted by the business sector, who very often do not prioritize investing back into the society and environment.

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