Workshop: Youth

Iryna Gumenchuk and Maxym Altunin

Danube Region Strategy has 11 Priority Areas and each has also something to do with the question about youth. The engagement of young people, their participation in the development of the local community and initiatives play a great role for strengthening civil society of the whole Danube Region in general and of each country in particular.

Two young leaders and social activists from Ukraine, Iryna Gumenchuk and Maxym Altunin will conduct the workshop with the emphasis on the participation of young people in the everyday life of the local society, their problems and fears, their lacks and needs, their wishes and desires. 

Last year Ms. Gumenchuk took part in the Erasmus+ long-term program for the youth mobility and was the EVS Volunteer (European Voluntary Service) in Germany. She did many activities with youth and knows the things they are constantly fighting for. She was involved in the organization of youth forums in Germany and Serbia in the framework of “Jugend im Wandel” project, where relevant youth issues were discussed and worked on. Maxym Altunin is for the local community a well-known social activist, who was coordinating many projects in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Yalta. He focused on the development process of the youth participation in NGOs in both Ukraine and Crimea in last two years.

The most relevant and hard topic for many young people is their future and where they want to be in 20 years. Some countries in the region suffer from the shortage of the possibilities in their neighbourhood, others have too many of them. However, the result in all the countries is the same – very little percentage of youth can answer the question “What do you really want to do in your life and what person you want to be?” Somehow, they are lost, afraid of taking the responsibility and making decisions.

Youth unemployment and possible ways out of it is another question the workshop will be based on. The example of countries as Germany and Austria, where this issue is not relevant can be a good example for those, who extremely suffer from it. Many young citizens want to leave their homes and families to find a job somewhere in the West. The fear of being always poor and not having a chance to have a decent life you is pushing them out of their own country. Sometimes it is the lack of motivation of the youth, sometimes the obstacles that are built by the governmental institutions or even private business sector.  The aim of the workshop is to give the participants the better understanding of the reality that young people are facing every day. Their needs, interests, problems and fears will be discussed in detail. Due to shared experiences during the workshop, the participants will have the clear understanding what have to be done for the youth in their countries in order to heighten the level of their activity.

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