Reports from the Working Groups

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  • Working Group 1: Social Entrepreneurship „Knowledge from the Inside“

    Expert/Rapporteur/Moderator: Srdjan Stankovic, Maria Shishkova, Tobias Faltermeier

    Participants: Petra Wolf, Dilyana Gyurova, Mykhailo Nesterenko, Klaus Binder, Matthias Holzner, Lajos Szalkai, Lesya Loyko, James Peter, Molly Reeder, Cherry Tsz Tuen Chenng, Stefan Zell, Sonja Jilek, Lana Mayer

    Countries: Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Ukrain, Bulgria, Germany

  • Working Group 2: Participation and Governance

    Expert inputs:
    Iva Taralezkhova, BG, on new methods to measure (index) participation,
    Anders Bergström, SE, on experiences of participation on the municipal level and on capacity building in the realm of participation in the EUSBSR,
    Stefan August Lütgenau, A, on participation as element of the governance structure of the EUSDR

    The members drew the following conclusions, demands and suggestions:

  • Working Group 3: Lifelong learning for individual and social benefit

    Expert: Tihomir Ziljak, Croatia, Dusana Findeisen, Slowenia, Carmen Stadelhofer Germany

    Participants: 16 Persons from 6 countries

  • Working Group 4: Financing

    Expert: Daniela Stojkovic,  Alexandar M. Gajic

    Content and results

    This report is based on the analyzing of individual experience  of four European countries.

    Focus on the problems and solutions for three sources of funding:

    1. State level

    Problems: Transparency, Corruption

    Solutions: Open government, clear rules, communication

    2. EU level

    Problems: too much bueocracy , higher regulations?

  • Working Group 5: Open Data

    Expert: Simon Vrecar

  • Working Group 6: Participation and Civil Society and Ukraine

    Expert: Igor Studennikov

  • Working Group 7: Media

    Expert: Sabine Geller

    It should be clearly defined in a written form to which priority area media belongs in the EU-Danube strategy.

  • Working Group 8: Small Towns and Cultural Heritage

    Expert: Valerie Carter

    Content and results

    Slogan: Take note of us! Do not ignore us!

  • Working Group 9: Roma and vulnerable Groups

    Expert: Kadrin Hasanov

  • Working Group 10: Danube social service and education cluster

    Expert: Ivan Ivanov, Bulgaria

    Content and results

    The members of” Danube social service and education cluster” workshop strongly recommend to increase cooperation between civil society organizations and public authorities in the social field.

    We see a lot of advantages with the sector to contribute for instance with qualitative and innovative social services but we recognize that we also need to develop our advocacy abilities.

    We invite public authorities on all levels to structural dialogue on this issue.

  • Working Group 11: Youth

    Expert: Iryna Gumenchuk, Maksym Altunin

    Content and Results

    In the discussion we talked on such relevant issues for young people

  • Working Group 12: Migration

    Expert: Ana Ditta

    Content and Results

    The work of the WG started from the introduction to the topic, with some data and information.

    The discussion produced four main outcomes:

  • Intervention on the Refugee Crisis – Resolution of the 2nd Participation Day

    Building on the Eisenstadt Declaration on Participation in the EU Danube Strategy of 25 June 2014 the 2nd Participation Day in Ulm is held to further foster Civil society participation in the EUSDR and safeguard that necessary processes and structures are established on all levels (regional, national, supra-national) in the EUSDR.