Intervention on the Refugee Crisis – Resolution of the 2nd Participation Day

Building on the Eisenstadt Declaration on Participation in the EU Danube Strategy of 25 June 2014 the 2nd Participation Day in Ulm is held to further foster Civil society participation in the EUSDR and safeguard that necessary processes and structures are established on all levels (regional, national, supra-national) in the EUSDR.

A key provision to develop transparent and lively civic and civil participation is an adequate and appropriate construction of the EUSDR and its processes and structure. In order to do so the 2nd Participation Day is defining a set of Minimum Requirements for Civil Society Participation in a potentially revised Action Plan of the EUSDR.

A number of tasks of the original and current action Plan have been fulfilled successfully. The Electronic Platform the Danube Civil Society Forum, the D-Lap as well as the processes of regional and national hearings and the EUSDR Participation Day need cooperation and support from all level of the Danube macro-regional strategy.

The present 3rd draft of the resolution for the 2nd Participation Day is aiming to achieve these common goals.

As decided in the D-Lap and the DCSF the resolution draft builds upon and further develops the Eisenstadt Declaration seeking to open political space for active Participation in the Danube Strategy in the coming years of implementation.

To achieve this texts applies a certain technical language and does not address any thematic areas such as environment, culture or development but argues on a meta-level of political participation in the key processes of the strategy. Thematic issues will be addressed by the 10 thematic workshops held at the Participation Day in Ulm.

Following our invitation to you as participants to read and comments in this framework the 2nd draft was edited and amended by an Intervention regarding the Refugee Crisis in Europe. Please have a look at the 3rd draft. All comments will be collected and processed to improve the document.

Eisenstadt, 15 October 2015 

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