Working Group 1: Social Entrepreneurship „Knowledge from the Inside“

Expert/Rapporteur/Moderator: Srdjan Stankovic, Maria Shishkova, Tobias Faltermeier

Participants: Petra Wolf, Dilyana Gyurova, Mykhailo Nesterenko, Klaus Binder, Matthias Holzner, Lajos Szalkai, Lesya Loyko, James Peter, Molly Reeder, Cherry Tsz Tuen Chenng, Stefan Zell, Sonja Jilek, Lana Mayer

Countries: Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Ukrain, Bulgria, Germany

Main Demands: 

  • „Seed Funding“ / Grants for „Start-Up’s“
  • Social Entrepreneurship Education – Training – Coaching
  • „Match-Making“ Services for NPO’s & Enterprizes 


  1. Seed Funding“ / Grants for „Start-Up’s“ 

The working group agrees on the lack of state funding for social enterprise /start-up . It also recognizes that lack of capacity of smaller organisations to apply for large funds on European level.  They further recognize that enterprises can contribute to the development of social entrepreneurship through small funds. The working group recommends to put in place small grants, microfunds or „Seed-Money“ also from the state & multinational organisations, with easy application processes in order to support the growth of the Social Enterprise sector. 

  1. Social Entrepreneurship Education – Training – Coaching 

The working group identified the need for entrepreneurial education in the third sector. While being experts in the social / ecological field the group agreed to be lacking the necessary business competences to sell the individual product / service. As a result, the organisations welcomes Social Entrepreneurship Education – Training – Coaching (based on the individual level of knowledge). It further supports the idea to receive training directly from the industry in the fields of need such as Marketing – Branding – Human Resource or others. 

  1. „Match-Making“ Services for NPO’s & Enterprises 

The participants would welcome a platform of exchange between NPOs and enterprises. Such a platform of exchange could also further match making processes. Recognizing that such platforms exist on national levels in some countries, the organisations would welcome a similar platform within the EUSDR. The above two recommendations (funding & training) could be exchanged at such a platform.  Demands 1 & 2 could be integrated into such a platform.