Working Group 2: Participation and Governance

Expert inputs:
Iva Taralezkhova, BG, on new methods to measure (index) participation,
Anders Bergström, SE, on experiences of participation on the municipal level and on capacity building in the realm of participation in the EUSBSR,
Stefan August Lütgenau, A, on participation as element of the governance structure of the EUSDR

The members drew the following conclusions, demands and suggestions:

  1. EUSDR and the participating states and regions need to give a clear commitment on participatory democracy as laid down in the EU Treaties as an indispensable element of good governance at all levels. While the participatory element is essential on the supra-national (EUSDR) and the national level, its main contributions are to be expected on the regional and local level.
  2. We call on all actors and decision makers in the EUSDR, the EU, and the participating states and regions to mainstream the macro-regional approach in their respective policies by using existing structures (procedures, institutions, funding programs).
  3. EUSDR needs to develop a work plan (list of priorities and subsequent actions) for joint capacity activities to target stakeholders at all levels and sectors.
  4. We offer to build a thematic partnership (state, civil society) on participation and capacity building in the EUSDR