Working Group 3: Lifelong learning for individual and social benefit

Expert: Tihomir Ziljak, Croatia, Dusana Findeisen, Slowenia, Carmen Stadelhofer Germany

Participants: 16 Persons from 6 countries

Content and Results

  • Access to education is a human right, a question of dignity and respect. Not having access to education is a matter of discrimination. Learning throughout life is a prerequisite for full filling one’s potentials for personal growth, participation in economic and social development as well as in democratic processes.
  • Having access to education is crucial for disadvantaged groups (people with disabilities, older people, minorities, women, etc.)
  • Functional literacy is necessary for sustainable development.

Key goals

  • providing equal learning and educational opportunities for all.
  • Recognizing the value of all types of learning (formal, non-formal, informal, vocational and non-vocational)
  • Continues support for educational structures increase in trainers  competences, improvement of method and equipment.
  • Continues support is needed for the networking of adult educators, providers, learners in face-to-face meetings.