Working Group 9: Roma and vulnerable Groups

Expert: Kadrin Hasanov

What challenges are we faced with?

  • Hate speech against Roma
  • How can the money for Roma – Projects really reach to the ground – to the people?
  • Roma projects should be brought back into the circle topics
  • We miss the implement advocacy government structure to do their own work
  • Awareness building? For the society
  • Ghettos of Roma
  • No access to school and infra- structure
  • Low living conditions
  • Internalized discrimination- stigma
  • Socio- cultural  values in opposition to children’s rights

Solutions – Ideas

  • If you are hungry, you don’t help minorities! Help all!
  • We are one nation! Roma and all together!
  • Motivation the society by integrate them in projects, by give them jobs, perspectives and money!
  • Collaboration
  • Locally initiatives
  • Community organizing
  • Self-help-groups
  • PR work for projects
  • We want from government equal access for Roma
  • Hate speech > teach the local people
  • Use the legal ways to stop it
  • Free space where people can organize themselves in a welcoming atmosphere
  • EU money to make a media campaign to change the image of Roma