Aleksić, Andrija

Andrija Aleksić works as the Chief of Section for EU Funds and Education at the European Affairs Fund of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.

He is an economics graduate and specialized in EU structural funds in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He is also a certified Expert Of European Knowledage (Univerity of Debrecen/Wageningen University The Nederlands).

Previously he worked for the Austrian Development Agency as an expert within a programme on agricultural development of AP Vojvodina.

He was active in the civil sector and has served as president of the European Movement in Serbia-Novi Sad.

He is continously engaged in training on cross-border cooperation programmes and held presentations on the topic both at home and abroad (World Trade Organization – Rotterdam, Euro-Regions in Brussels, Styrian Provincial Government in Austria, Italy and Sweden)

He has experience in preparing EU funded projects as well as in implementing and managing projects. He was part of the Serbian Government programming team for IPA cross-border programme between Serbia-Croatia, Serbia-BiH and Serbia-Hungary.

He is a representative of Vojvodina in the Joint Monitoring Committee’s for IPA cross-border cooperation between Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Hungary and between the Republic of Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. He is also a representative of Vojvodina in IPA cross-border cooperation between Republic of Serbia and Romania and Republic of Serbia-Republic of Croatia.