Bergström, Anders

I have been involved in international cooperation since 1981 when I became a member of the Norden Association Youth. I had several positions in the board and in 1985 I became President. When started to work for the Norden Association in 1986 I started as project manager involved in the development of a labour mobility project, still in operation named “Nordjobb” offering students summer job, a place to stay and a leisure programme within the Nordic region (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden). In 1989 I became project coordinator of that project, responsible for the implementation in all five countries. In 1991 I started to develop projects involving Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, from 1995 also northwest Russia. The projects concerned mainly international business development and management training. In 1998 I became Programme director for the so called Presidential Initiative on Management training. A Russian initiative where we in the Norden Association was coordinating a bilateral programme for seven years, match making viable business projects formulated by Russian companies with Swedish companies. In total 650 projects where finalised in the framework of this programme. Later a similar programme was launched towards Ukraine in 2003, with a result of 200 projects over six years. In 2007 the Norden Association got involved in the development of what today is the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. I have developed and implemented a flagship project within vocational education and training, a cluster of today three projects. Furthermore I have initiated two national groups of stakeholders to PA Market and PA Education, with meetings three times per year. Starting from 2013 I hold the positions as Policy Area Coordinator for PA Education and Horizontal Action Coordinator for HA Capacity.