Stefan Barth

Co-founder and Managing Director of Agapedia Jürgen Klinsmann Stiftung gGmbH in Stuttgart, Germany since 1995. Agapedia is running since 1996 a day care centre for children from 6-12 years in Esslingen / Germany.  Parallel, together with his wife, he developed the Agapedia Foundations in Romania (1995) and later also in Bulgaria (2001) and Moldova (2001), implementing different social services in each country in the context of de-institutionalization of children and youth in state care. Since 2010 Agapedia developed in Moldova medical services and home care for elderly people.

Since the launch of the EUSDR in 2011he is actively networking in the Danube Region as the spokesperson of the Civil Society Network EUSDR in Baden-Württemberg and functions as board member of the FSSB Social NGO Federation in Sofia. Also he was involved in the development of the Social NGO Federation in Romania. Together with Stiftung Liebenau and Diakonie Baden and the support from Baden-Württemberg Stiftung and the State Ministery of Baden-Württemberg Agapedia is running since 2013 the „Donauwandel / Jugend im Wandel“ projects, mobilizing civil society organisations and networks along the Danube with a focus on work based learning and youth issues.

After Highschool he completed a 2,5 year dual professional education in commercial photography followed by studies of business administrations at Nürtingen University for Applied Sciences (Dipl. Betriebswirt FH). Further he finished a Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management & Governance at the Centre for Social Investment and Innovation within Heidelberg University.