Stojković Jovanović, Daniela

Daniela Stojković /19.11.1969. /Novi Sad, Serbia

As founding member of the DCSF I would like to see the DCSF as a strong logistical support to the process of strengthening and formalizing the role of civil society, particularly in the region of the Danube countries, through visible and legalized participation of civil society in the EUSDR.

I have been active in NGO realm since 1997, dealing with international development cooperation in Danube region, especially in the areas of exchange of literary resources and protection of the Danube River. I am an educated  librarian. My most important publication is an edition of  11 issues of “Saint Danube”, magazine for literature and culture of Danube region, where I had the role of publisher and editor in chief. Since 2011 I lead digital portals, primarily dedicated to information which are directly or indirectly related to the issues of implementation COS s in the EUSDR.


Contact details:

Daniela Stojković Jovanović
NGO World and Danube
lenjinova 15
21213 Zmajevo
Tel.:+ +38121726726