Taralezhkova Jordanova , Iva

In her function as Board Chair of Citizen Participation Forum Iva Taralezhkova has been managing a network of over 100 Bulgarian NGOs active in the area of citizen participation.

 For over 5 years now the network has been working to improve the environment for civic engagement and dialogue with the government at local and national level. Iva Taralezhkova is an expert in organizing public hearings and consultative processes involving different stakeholders, moderator of more than 40 public forums in communities and regions across the country and abroad.   She is also a founder and Board Chair of the Association “Devetaki Plateau” – an example of inter-municipal cooperation enlivening the communities in 10 villages from 3 municipalities for sustainable development of the Devetaki Plateau region and its transformation into an attractive tourist destination.   She has extensive experience in working with communities in urban and rural areas, in mobilization of positive energy for sustainable development and consensus. Participant in a working group on the development of the Law on the direct participation of citizens in the government, an NGO representative in the development of local and national programs and policies to improve the partnership and transparency in governance. LEADER – expert for sustainable rural development. An expert trainer of NGOs and local authorities on issues related to civic participation, partnership, mobilizing communities, organizing public forums and consultation processes. Trainer of facilitators and trainers.   Born in the town of Gabrovo. Graduated the Lovech Language School and got a master’s degree in English Philology in “St. Cyril and St. Methodius” University of Veliko Tarnovo. In addition, gone through a number of trainings for project development and project management, direct democracy and civic participation, networking, moderation of forums and discussions, adult training, development of strategic documents, public relations and more.