2nd General Assembly of the Danube Civil Society Forum

After the foundation of the Danube Civil Society Forum, DCSF and Civil Society in the Danube Region will meet again in Ruse, BG 25 September 2013.

The DCSF will hold its second General Assembly on 25th September while the Priority Area 10 “To step up institutional capacity and cooperation” will hold working group (WG 2 Civil Society) meeting on the 26th September.


24th September: arrival of participants. 19:30 joint dinner.

25th September 2nd General Assembly of the DCSF due to our statutes. Points of discussion will be:

  • Report of President and EC
  • Finances
  • Registration of DCSF
  • Working Groups
  • Voting on membership applications
  • Work Programme 2014-2015
  • Election of President and EC (Please note that candidature to all positions is open for all DCSF members!)