3rd NATIONAL HEARING OF THE DANUBE STRATEGY - Nature Conservation and Navigation alongside the Danube River

We invite you to take part in the one-day conference devoted to the implementation of the Danube Strategy in Serbia, in front of Annual EUSDR forum in Sofia.

The NGO World and the Danube, in cooperation with the Ministry of European Integration, are organizing the third National Hearing of the Danube Strategy on the initiative of the Danube Civil Society Forum, which will be held on October 12, 2018, starting at 9:30 AM in the Parliament of Serbia.

This year’s National Hearing is organized with the support of the Federal Republic of Germany, Baden-Württemberg and the Foster Europe Foundation from Austria. National hearing is held
as an annual meeting of all stakeholders - participants in the process of implementation of the Danube Strategy in the Republic of Serbia. This year’s conference will summarize the results achieved so far and presents the programs of cross-border and transnational cooperation in which the Republic of Serbia participates. The conference will be opened by the National Coordinator for EUSDR in the Republic of Serbia and Deputy Director of the Office for European Integration of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

Tourism as a branch of economy this year has reached third place in Serbia, and the overall opinion is that this branch is also a picture of the country. How much through projects of international, regional and local importance contributes to the true preservation of the natural and cultural goods of Serbia is the question on which we will try to get the answers.

The conference will be attended by representatives of European bodies for implementation of EUSDR, PAK 10, representatives of Baden-Württemberg, Foster Europe, Foundation for
strong European Regions, representatives of relevant ministries in the Republic of Serbia (Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Education), DCSF, as well as representatives of active organizations of local associations of citizens participating in the implementation of the Danube strategies in Serbia.

Links to inform you more about strategy: www.danube-region.eu - Official site for the implementation of EUSDR; www.danubestrategy.eu - Official site of DCSF

Please confirm your participation no later than 10.10.2018. at the address: saintdanube@europe.com