Creating Bridges for Europe - Qualification Training 2017

Creating Bridges for Europe

Qualification training, 24/7/2017, 18.00 -28/7/2017, 13.00 in the frame of the project “Open Doors for Danube Countries for All (ODDA)”

Strengthening social cohesion in the Danube countries and in Europe through education and international understanding has been the objective of the educational Network Danube-Networkers since it has been founded in 2008. Europe is for us a common house under which roof a multitude of people of different national, ethnic, social, religious or cultural origins should meet and live peacefully together.
With our international projects we want to promote an open society based on values of solidarity and democracy.
Concrete encounters create motivation to get to know the others’ “worlds”, to reduce mutual prejudice and fears, to introduce and establish new role behaviours and forms of civic engagement and to experience Europe as being the home of us all.

In the accompanying program over the whole week, the participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the culture and the people. At the beginning, the participants will experience the so called Schwörmontag (Pledge Monday) in Ulm as part of the city democracy. During sightseeing trips the participants will be able to learn more about Bad Urach, some can take part in a traditional bread and pastry event. In the evening program, the participants will get to know each other better in conversations and other activities.

All those who want to become “bridge builders” for a united and peaceful Europe are welcome to participate. Expected to take part are representatives of civil society organizations from all Danube countries as well as other countries of Europe from the areas of education, culture, social and environmental areas. Main communication language is English, translation help will be given in different languages.

Registration: Please fill in the attached form and send it to us by 31.5.2017 to the following address:
Carmen Stadelhofer/ Marina Iser, ILEU e.V., Schweinmarkt 6, D-89073 Ulm,, Tel: 0049 171-1904099

Organised by: Association Institute for virtual and real learning in the area of adult education at the University of Ulm (ILEU) (e.V.)
In cooperation with: ZAWIW Ulm (Center for Generald Scientific adult education), DANET e.V., Landeszentrale für politische Bildung Baden-Württemberg
The Workshop is financially supported by: Baden-Württemberg Foundation, Heidehof Foundation, Landeszentrale für politische Bildung Baden-Württemberg, the Foster-Europe Foundation, Danube Civil Society Forum, Förderkreis ZAWIW and others.