National Citizen Participation Meeting

It is our pleasure to invite you to join us on 16 May 2017 when we will hold the National Citizen Participation Meeting  (National Participation Day) in Sofia. The event will take place in Vitosha Park hotel starting at 10:30 am, titled:THE ART OF CONNECTING-IN A MACRO-REGIONAL FRAMEWORK.

This year we will discuss how we work together in a network – through the values, challenges and common goals that connect us. We gathered a host of interesting speakers that will present a variety of approaches to connect people, causes, and ideas. During the event we will talk about common goals and how to plan and launch successful campaigns and initiatives on local, national and European level. We will talk about what challenges lie ahead of us as networks of NGOs, why we join networks, why it makes sense and how we can see the impact we create.

You can find enclosed the preliminary agenda. We will be glad to welcome you to the National Citizen Participation Meeting. Please, confirm your attendance by email on

Dessi Hristova

Public policies and Advocacy

Citizen Participation Forum

National Participation Days (NPD) are  meetings of actively involved, interested or potential stakeholders of the EUSDR on the national, regional, and local levels. These meetings adress civil society organisations and networks, local actors, academia, public authorities on the local and regional level as well as national institutions and experts active in the EUSDR institutions.

On the national and regional level, the Danube Participation Days are backed by national events that bear various names differing from country to county. In Serbia and the Vojvodina the event is called National Hearing, in Austria Erweitertes Dialogforum (Enlarged Dialogue Forum), in Baden-Württemberg Donauforum (Danube Forum).