The “local actor approach” to participation is acknowledged by the EP

In the study New Role of Macro-Regions in European Territorial Cooperation (published 2015) the European Parliament points to the local actors approach as element of the participative governance structure.

The work (of the DCSF and PA10) on the innovative and effective design of participation in MRS is acknowledged and emphasised:

The EUSDR has been the laboratory for the experimentation of new forms of transnational participation and civil society networks

EUSDR has led to the successful combination of the agendas of different nongovernmental interest groups; the resulting “local actor approach” to participation is considered one of the best working cooperation networks in EUSDR; discussions have already taken place on how to make this approach replicable to other MRS such as the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic strategy; nevertheless more involvement of the national and regional actors is needed; in this context, it is also important to state that there has been a general dissatisfaction with involvement of MPs both from the EP and national parliaments in meetings and processes of the EUSDR; particularly from the vantage point of civil society actors, a further involvement of parliaments in the process would be desirable to increase the accountability of the process;”, p. 57