The Association“The Writers` League” Timisoara Banat Branch

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The Association“The Writers` League” Timisoara Banat Branch /Asociatia “Liga Scriitorilor”Filiala Timisoara Banat (LSFTB) was founded in May 2010 in Timisoara, Romania with the aim of supporting the artistic creation, expression, and moral solidarity of its members. It is a professional, non-governmental, apolitical organization, active in the field of literature. The target of the association is to encourage, stimulate, and promote literature and other artistic activities.The Writers` League also plays an active part in lifelong learning projects and organizes #intergenerational cultural events focused on developing art skills. creative literary workshops, cultural salons, and art exhibitions.

Would you like to know more about the Writers` League?

Contact Ana Zlibut, the vice president of the Writers` League and general secretary of The Association “Danube Networkers for Europe” (DANET). DM her

Currently, the Writers` League is one of the partners in several ongoing Erasmus + projects, Discovering European Neighbours in the ThirdAge (, which started in 2019, Living IntangibleCulture, which started in 2020 and DigitalApproaches for Intergenerational Cultural Education, which started in 2021.


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