Come Together Sessions

Do you also miss the culture and a boost of creativity in your everyday life? ILEU a long year partner of the Danube Civil Society Forum has a solution for you!
Come Together Sessions
Every second Sunday the Danube-Networkers invite people from all the Danube countries and all over Europe to an online session COME TOGETHER! Connecting people in the time of Corona by Culture. A colourful programme is organised via the video conference system ZOOM. There is something for everyone – music presentations, singing, dance, presentations about traditions from different countries (e.g., traditional festivals, cultural customs, etc.) or even magic tricks or breath-relaxation exercises. These are not contributions from professionals, but according to the motto “from friends for friends!” - members of the transnational network Danube-Networkers and guests design the programme themselves.
How does it look like?
How can one participate?
Subscribe to the newsletter via or and you will receive access to the session per E-mail twice a month.
The next session coming up on 25th April 2021. 
What do you need to participate?
A computer, internet, a microphone, and a camera.
How can you contribute with a song/dance/presentation etc.?
You are welcome to actively contribute to the session! To do so, message with a contribution suggestion. ILEU looks forward to hearing from you!
All the information for the project DANECT and Come Together Sessions you can find here: and here