Fakta o klimatu “The Climate Facts”

Today we would like to tell you more about the Fakta o klimatu “The Climate Facts” an NGO that started as a volunteer initiative in 2019.

Throughout their volunteer phase the initiative has created about 40 infographics covering many aspects of climate change (temperature and emissions data, energy, future scenarios, adaptation and mitigation measures) and summaries of selected international reports and studies. Their professional work was adopted and published by major Czech and Slovak media.

In 2020 Fakta o klimatu won an award of Czech Learned Society and Czech UN office for Communication of Global Climate Change.

What is their mission?

To change how people communicate and think about climate change and climate policies.They create professional data visualizations related to climate change, energy, emissions etc. to enhance quality dialogue based on facts to find solutions among interested public and policymakers. These visualizations are further used by journalists and teachers or become part of argumentation for sustainable policies by businesses.

Would you like to see more or support their work? https://faktaoklimatu.cz/