Initiative Dunavac (Šodroš)

Have you already heard of the initiative Dunavac (Šodroš) ?

One of the members of the Danube Civil Society Forum is the lead force behind this initiative the NGO World and Danube.

The main goal of the initiative is to protect the significant natural public good and unique natural ecosystem formed by Ribarsko osrtvo, Kamenicke ada, Dunavac and Šodroš.

The informal civic initiative Dunavac (Šodroš) requests from the Republic Institute for Nature Conservation, the Provincial Institute for Nature Conservation, the Republic Ministry of Forestry, Agriculture and Water Management, the Provincial Secretariat for Urbanism and Environmental Protection, the City of Novi Sad, PC “Vojvodina Vode” and other competent institutions to approach the categorization of public natural assets of Kamenička ada, Dunavac and Šodroš. The initiative asks that the area is provided with adequate protection, while respecting the existing legislation, both national and international signed declarations, directives, and agreements.

The World and Danube coordinates in a complicated process the so-called mediation between citizens, civil society organizations, associations, eminent individuals, and experts on the one hand and local, republic, provincial and city authorities on the other.


“Although at the beginning it seemed that the government did not listen to our demands, we learn from the media almost every day about small victories. The role of the international public is crucial at this time, because the intransigence of large investors threatens to endanger not only the unique ecosystem but also the safety of citizens when we think of the threat of flood defence.” Daniela Stojkovic


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Follow the group:

Almost every day there is information posted for its members about the achieved results, plans and ideas how to proceed. The main asset of the group is its large archive of data provided that sums up information from dozens of affected areas. Don´t forget to check it out and contact Daniela Stojkovic for more information.


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