ReSCeu - What would life be without EU?

11 COUNTRIES, 11 PARTNERS Foster Europe Foundation for strong European Regions is one of them in a unique project ReSCeu - What would life be without EUwith a common goal - to create and play a game- to challenge and improve the knowledge of youngsters about the role of the European Union. Foster Europe is an independent private charitable foundation in Eisenstadt, Austria. It aims to further European integration, democracy, regional capacity, and federalism in Europe. While working in a pan-European framework, Foster Europe has its main emphasis in Central and Eastern Europe. Foster Europe is an active actor in the MRS, the Danube Strategy (EUSDR) from the very beginning, and the co-founder of the Danube Civil Society Forum.
ReSCeu the project will build Escape Rooms, in which you will find yourself in the year 2024, in a dystopian future where the EU is just a memory of the past. The Escape Room provides a unique European experience, by conveying the values and advantages of the European Union in our daily life in a challenging game.
The informal learning environment, which the project creates via games, we believe will fuel interest, engagement, and understanding of youngsters. The youngsters will work in small groups on different tasks throughout different thematic sections. The game masters will guide them to support and reflect on their learning process. These games have the potential to develop durable and transferable learning by experience. Would you like to be a part of the project? We have an open-door policy and are happy to inform or welcome you on board. DM:
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