Solstice on the Danube 2017

This is a call for Hungaria and Austrian partners who would be interested to cooperate with the Danube Fund that is preparing a second year of “Solstice on the Danube”.  Solstice on the Danube is a chain of public events along the river Danube to be organised by a variety of organisers around the month of June 2017. Following a successful Solstice on the Danube 2016 which took place on the Slovak section of the Danube, next year they would like to expand the initiative to our close river neighbourhood  Austria and Hungary (approx. from Wachau to Visegrad).

For further informtion on this interesting initiative please contact and follow the attached PDF :

Central European Foundation / Stredoeurópska nadácia (CEF)

Sasinkova 12, 811 08 Bratislava

tel.: +421 948 629 168; +421 2 5720 4129

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