The 3rd Danube Participation Day of the EU Danube Strategy

Working towards sustainable development: Civil Society, Local Actors and EU Strategies

On behalf of the organising team the DCSF invites you to participate in the 3rd Danube Participation Days, 2-3November 2016 in Bratislava, Slovakia. The 3rd Danube Participation Day is held in cooperation with the LADDER project financed by DG DEVCO and organized by ALDA, the Priority Area 10 of the EUSDR, the Plenipotentiary of the Slovak Government for Civil Society Development, the Council of Danube Cities and Regions, the Arge Donauländer, Foster Europe, and the City of Bratislava. The 3rd Danube Participation Day is supported by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung and Österreichisches Kulturforum Bratislava.

The program is extended to a two day event for the first time. The first day hosted by the Plenipotentiary, EUSDR Priority Area 10, DCSF, LADDER and Foster Europe focuses of resilient sustainable development (SD) as an issue of participative multi-level governance in the Danube Region and EU macro-regional strategies. SD, in its holistic approach, is a touchstone for quality development of our societies as well as for European integration and international cooperation in the Danube region. Seven workshops will offer opportunities for debate, exchange and information. The venue will be the Tatra Hotel in the city centre.

The second day will focus on the role and potential of local actors (state and non-state actors) cooperation on the local and regional level in making sustainable development in the Danube region possible. Hosting organizations are the Council of Danube Cities and Regions and the City of Bratislava, cooperating with the ARGE Donauländer, the DCSF, the EUSDR Priority Area 10 Danube Local Actors Platform, Foster Europe and the LADDER project. The “local actor approach” to participation is considered one of the best working cooperation networks in EUSDR is a finding of the study “New Role of macro-regions in European Territorial Cooperation” commissioned by the European Parliament 2015. This local actor approach needs to be mainstreamed throughout the EUSDRas a strong bottom-up pillar in the strategy. At the same time the financing tools have to be adjusted in order to meet the needs and capacities of local actors from state, civil-society, academia and citizens. High level representatives from Cities, international regional institutions, NGOs and the EU will discuss this in their presentations.

The venue of the 3rd November is the Slovak National Theatre (Modrý Salón) which will host the 5th Annual Forum of the EUSDR 3-4 November. If you are interested in participating in the Annual Forum please make sure to registerseparately for the AF at Without valid registration participants will not have access to the Slovak National Theatre after the closing of the 3rd Danube Participation Day.

We are looking forward seeing you in Bratislava! 

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