Reports, Speeches and Presentations


We would like to share with you a short interactive report from the platform SLIDO used during the 1st Day , 2nd November 2016 at the 3rd Danube Participation Days in Bratislava. Follow the link:  

We have decided to record the Danube Participation Days´ speeches for you. You can now revisit both days by following these links:

2nd November, Hotel Tatra:½af431b16ca9d25bd612d26213807c0020161109144551/e54af8  In the settings, you can choose your prefered language Slovak or English  (1. click Audio- 2. click Stereo Mode- 3. click Choose Right or Left). 

3rd November, Slovak National Theater: 

We will also keep uploading the website with keynote presentations. You can find these in the attachemnets.

Attached files