I. Workshop : Open Government Partnership

The WS dealt with the model and Slovak experience of Open Government as one example of inclusive participative governance. The WS presented examples of current and planned research as well as investigated the absorption of scientific research for the work of states and civil society.

Moderator & Rapporteur:

Simon Vrečar, CEKTRA – Centre for Knowledge Transfer, Slovenia
Iveta Ferčíková, Plenipotentiary of the Government of Slovakia for Civil Society Development, Slovakia

Recommendations from this workshop are attached in the file.
If you wish to relisten the workshop. Please follow the attached link. In the settings, you can choose your prefered language  (1. click Audio- 2. click Stereo Mode- 3. click Choose Right or Left). link: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/306b7aa3003f71959c927a16c2103b002016110914455½af431b16ca9d25bd612d26213807c0020161109144551/e54af8 

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