Andreja Jerina

Andreja Jerina M.Sc.

National Coordinator EU Macroregional Strategies

Ministry of Foreign Affaires

Republic of Slovenia

Andreja Jerina has long term senior experience in administration and governance in particular in programming, implementation and evaluation of development programs both at the EU and national level. In the last 20 years she is at the most senior positions within the Government of Slovenia where she was among others responsible for the development, structural policies, European affairs including EU enlargement process and environment. She has been actively involved in the negotiations on European budgets; in designing and setting the implementation system for management of EU funds in Slovenia including the pre-accession assistance, in the introduction of the results oriented budgeting within the national budgeting procedure and the development of innovative financial instruments.

Currently Ms. Jerina acts as National coordinator for EU Macroregional Strategies (EUSDR, EUSAIR, EUSALP) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Slovenia.