Dumitru Drumea

Dr. Dumitru Drumea is a researcher in the field of environmental management and works in the Lower part of the Danube river region in Moldova. His main expertise is in the field of nutrient reduction measures, adaptation to climate change, water quality related issues as well as implementation of different practices aimed at restoration of habitats, wetlands, conservation of biodiversity etc. He is also involved in development of training programs and educational activities for students, different target groups of population, local public and sectoral authorities etc. Dumitru also contributes to the planning of local agendas in regard to environmental issues as well as delivers presentations on EU environmental Directives to local authorities. As a national coordinator of the Global Water Partnership in Moldova he coordinates activity of the national network and provides consultancy on water related issues. He is also involved in creation of the biosphere area in Moldova in cooperation with international MaB Committee, preparing of recommendations to different level of authorities on sustainable management of natural resources in the Lower Prut region, promotion of regional cooperation and projects for regional development.