Ugo Poli

Ugo Poli is currently the head of the CEI Focal Point Migrations, promoting the network of the CEI stakeholders dealing with asylum seekers, refugees and migrants inflow. With twenty year experience of institutional capacity building and HRD on regional planning, SMEs & clusters development, mostly addressed to Central and Eastern Europe, since January 2012 to March 2014 on behalf of the CEI he led an IPA MULTI action on strengthening the role of the RCC in the SEE regional cooperation. He is also familiar with ETC projects and institutional issues of the Central European Initiative, the coordination of the CEI role in supporting implementation of the EU macro-regional strategies first. Until 1993 he was repeatedly elected to town and regional councils, thus becoming also a player in the Local & Regional Authorities Conference of the Council of Europe. In 1997 he was awarded Fellow in Economic Systems Comparison by the University of Trento (I).