Presentations and reports

On this section of the website we will be sharing with you the presentations and reports of the 7th Danube Participation Day.

The main outcomes of the conference were:

  • Entrust an increasing number of young people with tasks under the EUSDR (WG 1)
  • Youth Participation Day is needed (WG 1)
  • Media literacy and critical thinking is crucial (WG 3)
  • Digital democracy; rapid digitalisation, civic engagement and political participation are also possible online (WG 3)
  • There is a lack of real possibilities to speak up, contribute and co-decide (WG 4)
  • CS is feels to be cut-off from decision makers due to anti COVID-19 restrictions (WG 6)
  • COVID 19 hindered NPDs as well as other communication and participation channels (often, used as an excuse) (WG 6)
  • PA 10 organize a D-LAP meeting focused on participation in COVID times (WG 6)
  • There is a need for some form of guidance support (mentoring, coaching, advising, etc.) to the youth in order to get oriented into the vast ocean of opportunities provided within the EU and the Danube region (WG 7)

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