Online Conference

7th Danube Participation Day

Youth in the EU Danube Strategy -Towards a common vision

Wednesday, 21 October 2020 | 10.00 –14.00 CET
Agenda (Programmemight be subject to change.)
10.00    OPENING - Official welcome & introduction
             N.N. Representative from the Croatian EUSDR Presidency
             Dubravka Šuica(tbc)  Vice President of the European Commission and Commissioner for Democracy & Demography
             Normunds Popens DG REGIO, Deputy Director-General
             Claudia SingerEUSDR Priority Area Coordinator 10“Institutional Capacity and Cooperation”
             Jürgen SchickEUSDR Priority Area Coordinator 9 “People and Skills”Core Team Danube Youth Network
             Q & A
10.40    Interactive Quiz on Youth Participation: “Facts & Figures on Youth in the Danube Region”
             Introducing the Guidance Paper on Youth Participation: WHY, HOW and WHAT?
             Claudia Singer
             EUSDR Priority Area Coordinator 10 “Institutional Capacity and Cooperation”
             Danube YouthNetwork: Youth cooperation in times of COVID-19
             Iryna Gumenchuk
             Project Manager | Agapedia Foundation
             Core TeamDanube Youth Network
             European Youth Manifesto 
             Alessandra CardaciCommunications Officer | DG REGIO
             Interactive Word Cloud
12.00   WORKING GROUPS - Parallel Working Group Sessions
            1.Environment –Youth –Sustainabilit yIrene Lucius | WWF-Danube Carpathian Programme
            2.Communication & the EUSDR –for and with the youth Mara Micheu FONT Federation Core Team Danube Youth Network
            3.Youth & EducationJakob Sieber | Priority Area Coordination 9“People and Skills”
            4.Boosting youth inthe EUSDR Governance: Low Hanging FruitsRobert Lichtner | Danube Strategy Point
            5.Youth and Cross-border CooperationAna Nikolov| AEBR Balkans
            6.Burning Issues and Reports from the Region (based on online feedback Danube Civil Society Forum)
            7.Building tools for Youth Participation in the Danube Region Danube Youth Network
13.00   Wrap-up Participants’ impressions from the Working Groups Wrap-up of the Working Group Sessions
13.20   Panel Discussion | Learnings from the Day Michal Blaško, National Coordinator der EUSDR Mirna Šostarko, Breza & Core Team Danube Youth Network
13.35   Handing over the Bell Handing over the bell to the host of the Danube Participation Day 2021 in Slovakia.
13.45   Farewell
Guidance Paper for Youth Participation The Guidance Paper for Youth Participationaims at providing guidance to youth and launching a dialogue on youth participation by discussing the following questions on youth involvement in the EU Danube Strategy (EUSDR): WHY, HOW, and WHAT? In doing so, the Guidance Paper is pointing out WHY bothyoung people and established EUSDR stakeholders are benefitting from working together. Furthermore, the Guidance Paper sheds light on HOW stakeholders in the Danube Region can contribute to enhance youth participation by addressing the key factors: Capacity building –Communication –Cooperation. Finally, the Guidance Paper seeks to highlight WHAT has been done and could be done in the future to strengthen youth participation in the Danube Region.
Danube Youth Network (DYN) The Danube Youth Network (DYN) is the synergic project of organizations within the Danube region to develop a sustainable, resilient, open, accessible, and self-organized network with the main focus on youth participation, sustainability, empowerment and social inclusion. DYN’saim is to be effectively managed by young professionals with different backgrounds through a transparent bottom-up process supporting, connecting and building capacities of youth from the Danube Region. The project receives financial support by State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg. #DanubeYouth