Miglena Gerasimova

Coordinator at Vision for development of Sofia – social and cultural aspects of the planning process

Miglena Gerasimova is a Master in urban planning and a PhD in Urban Sociology.

She is starting her career as a planner and consultant in the field of urban and strategical planning, working in/with governmental and municipal structures. In addition she is also an activist, working in the field of sustainable urban development and citizens participation in urban planning process. Later her working activities are leading her to an academic research in the field of urban studies and citizen’s participation in the process of urban regeneration and development. In 2018, she is defending a PhD in Urban Sociology in SU.  

As a sociologist, Miglena is working on different research topics such as reformations of the urban structures and the position of the citizens in the planning process, new urban policies for participation, minorities - migrants and refugees, Identity of multilingual cities and many more. She has wide international experience with interdisciplinary research teams in countries as Russia, Austria, Poland, Ireland, North Ireland, Brazil.