Danube Participation Days

  • 1st Danube Participation Day

    Local Actors and Participation

    25 June 2014 

    Esterházy Palace, Eisenstadt, Austria

    The Conference will enable with a new format the international civil society and local actors from the 14 EUSDR countries to meet, exchange views and perceptions among each other and to meet and discuss in-depth with EU and national decision makers.

  • 2nd Danube Participation Day: Shared History – Common Future

    On the 29th/30th of October 2015, the 4th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) takes place in Ulm, Germany. Following the example of last year’s conference, a 2nd Participation Day for civil society actors is scheduled prior to the main conference on the 28 of October, in Ulm as well. 

  • 3rd Danube Participation Days: Working towards sustainable development- Civil Society, Local Actors and EU Strategie

  • 4th Danube Participation Day: Science meets Participation, Innovation and Sustainability – The Agenda for Participation in EU Macro-Regional Strategies

    Dear Participants,

    On behalf of all partners we would like to thank you for your active contribution to the 4th Danube Participation Day in Budapest on 17th October 2017. There were many topics covered during the workshops and the presenters did an outstanding job of sharing their expertise with you. We will be posting their presentations on the website (section: reports, speeches and presentations) as soon as possible.


    Dear Participants,

    On behalf of all partners we would like to thank you for your active contribution to the 5th Danube Participation Day in Sofia on 17th October 2018. 

    You can already find the pictures, presentations, speeches, letters and videos of the event on this site as well as the actual electronic version of The Agenda for Participation in EU Macro-Regional Strategies Anchoring European Integration and Democracy through Participation below.

  • 6th Danube Participation Day, 2019 [ Youth – Participation – Empowerment ]

    Thank you very much for your interest to join the 6th Danube Participation Day in Bucharest 2019.

    Due to the overwhelming echo from the Danube community -which we are very grateful for- we had been forced to open a waiting list. We can only accept further registrations, if we receive any cancelations from already registered participants. We regret very much that not all interested will have the possibility to join the 6th Danube Participation Day. Nevertheless we cannot accept registrations that go beyond the capacity of the venue.

  • 7th Danube Participation Day

    On behalf of all organizers and partners Thank you! It has been an honour to have you present in our event. We hope you enjoyed the experience. We collected and posted short reports and presentations from the 7th Danube Participation Day for you here.

    We look forward to meeting you in Bratislava 2021!