Working Groups

WG 1: Connecting the Danube Region


  • Transport and mobility
  • Culture and tourism
  • Sustainable energy 

WG 2: Protecting the environment in the Danube Region

Chairperson: Irene Lucius, WWF DCPO, Austria

  • High nature value, agriculture
  • Nature resource management
  • Flood risk management, wetland restoration
  • Education for sustainable development
  • Monitoring of the implementation of the environmental pillar of the Danube strategy
  • Energy

WG 3: Building Prosperity in the Danube Region

Chairperson: Carmen Stadelhofer,  ILEU e.V. , Germany

  • Learning regions  (Speaker: Harald Kutzenberger, International Association for Danube Research, Austria)
  • Active aging and intergenerational education and learning for cooperation of generations with inclusion of disadvantaged groups (Speaker:  Carmen Stadelhofer, ZAWiW, Germany)
  • Information Policy (Speaker: Sabine Geller, Danube Connects, Germany)

WG 4: Strengthening the Danube Region

Chairperson: Simon Vrečar, CEKTRA, Slovenia

  • Institutional capacity and cooperation
  • Security